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d&a – Gift of Nature

Like every week, we are happy to share with you some little things that matter to our great planet.  

Nature impacts our physical and mental balance. We all know that life smiles under a sunny blue sky. When living in Switzerland, no less beautiful, long grey days in autumn and winter, can weigh down your heart.

In the science fiction movie Matrix, the real world is controlled by artificial intelligence, but one thing is man-made: the dark and gray sky! A 20 years-old science fiction with a new resonance today.

The International “fresh air and blue sky” day is an opportunity to cherish our most prestigious gift. 

d&a - Decide and Act

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Wayuu Taya

But we are not in a science fiction movie or in a video game. Generosity and empathy still prevail, like the Wayuu Taya Foundation shows us by caring fot the voiceless, such as the native people. They fervently heal their wounds through humanitarian aid, water supply, medical aid and commodities.

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